Pay Per Click Management

Pay per click management is a way to drive traffic to your website if implemented correctly. To be successful pay per click campaign must include creating compelling advertising copy, split testing different elements and bidding on the most effective keywords for your budget.


Split testing

By monitoring your pay per click campaign closely we’ll be able to provide you with regular real time updates.

This means you’ll be able to keep in tune with progress and see if you’re benefiting from the service.

What we follow!

The following elements can affect the results of your pay per click campaign:


  • Clickthrough Rate
  • Compelling Ad Copy
  • Indexed Landing Page
  • Low-Perfomance Keywords


We’ll work hard to ensure you get great results, our services within our pay per click management include:

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PPC Keyword Research


Find the ideal keywords for your pay per click campaign to draw in your target traffic.

To get the perfect keywords to relate to your landing page you have to search for them and the bid on them.

We can help you with our extensive knowledge, tools and strategies to ensure your keywords are working well with your pay per click campaign.

Pay Per Click Management 2
  • PPC Keyword Research
  • Compelling Content Creation
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Getting New Leads

Landing Page Creation

Get the perfect landing page to receive the benefits of increased traffic driven from your pay per click campaign.

We can optimize your landing page to make it the perfect target!

Professional Ad Copy


By having an ad copy which is relevant to you business you’ll draw in your target audience.

We like to make sure your ad copy is professional and unique, your audience won’t click away thats a guarantee!

Pay Per Click Management 3


Why Choose Pay Per Click Management For your Business?

Pay per click campaigns can help your business grow if done correctly. You’ll have much more traffic leading to a higher conversion rate and you don’t have to lift a finger! Let us manage your pay per click campaign whilst you sit back and watch how it’ll benefit your business!


Pay per click campaigns are a great investment for your business because they provide usable data and advanced targeting options. If that’s not enough they’re measurable, easy to track and can work hand-in-hand with other marketing strategies.


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